Monday, February 8, 2010

a wonder in life..

to zirah, nisa, ita, wan, buddy faiz,  ina and cik ana yang tengah berperang dengan kejenye:

Why do you listen yo the barking of dogs without listening to the singing of the birds? 
Why do you see the darkness of the night and ignoring the beauty of its moon and stars? 
Why do you complain of bees stings and forget about the sweet taste of its honey?

stay strong my loved ones... you can do it!!! may all your hard works be granted by Him with success in the exams.. when the goings get tough, the toughs get going...

may He bless..


zirah said...

heee..thanx k.mash..
ari ni br habis teori paper..masih ade lagi 2 exam osce...huhu..

Anesa said...

doakn ktorg ek mash;)